3D Visualization a Tornado by The Weather Channel


    If all weather segments looked like this, I’d watch all of them. In this insane augmented video, we see Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel, explain the anatomy of a tornado. The 3D graphics are overlayed on top of the standard video layer and with some strategic planning, pulls off a great effect.

    Having the presenter descriptions integrated with the visual presentation is a great way to explain a fairly complex subject matter. When that subject matter is something like a tornado, obviously it’s not possible to have the explanation done live in the field.

    The step-by-step walk through really helps viewers understand the elements that make up a storm that creates tornados and seeing them overlayed compared to cut-aways has a stark effect on the resulting explanation.

    There’s a lot of work that goes into creating something like this, so don’t expect it everywhere, but it’s great to see people pushing technology, especially the camera tracking to pull of a neat effect like this.

    More information at Mashable

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