Another major sporting event in SD. Prime7 you’re an absolute joke

    Channel 7’s regional broadcaster Prime is once again letting down regional customers by showing the 2017 Melbourne Cup in SD. That’s right in 2017, if you live in a regional area (millions of Australians do) then you’ll be stuck watching another major sporting event in SD.

    Recently sporting fans were let down by the same issue with the AFL Grand Final. In 2017, this is simply not good enough.

    Channel 7 actually have a HD channel that reaches regional customers, but 7Mate is busy showing re-runs of shows nobody cares about, instead of this A-list event.

    If you live in the city, you won’t see any problems as FreeView channel, 7HD will carry the race in high definition, so enjoy the champagne and HD broadcast.

    The world is moving beyond HD to 4K and a broadcaster that can’t even deliver HD demonstrates just how ludicrously out of touch they are. Ironically today is also the same day Microsoft launch their Xbox One X, delivering gaming and streaming options in 4K.

    If you’ve upgraded your TV in the last decade, then you should reasonably expect to see content in high definition. If FreeView is to remain relevant, they need to fix this and fast.

    Politicians exhaust a lot of energy on things that don’t impact everyday people, but equity between city and regional customers absolutely does. There’s been a lot of effort poured into fixing regional black spots for mobile coverage, but clearly there needs to be more pressure applied to regional broadcasters.

    I also place some of the blame on the rights holders of these major sporting events. They should mandate the successful broadcaster can delivery the product in HD to Australia.

    Not good enough, not even close.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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