Apple leaving retail by 2014 ? Ruslan Kogan bets a million

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In a blog post this morning from Kogan’s Founder & CEO, Ruslan Kogan, he claims Apple will pull all Apple devices and accessories from non-Apple retail stores. A massive claim, one that isn’t sourced, but clearly Kogan feels incredibly confident about.

While this decision, if true, would effect every electronics retailer selling Apple products, Kogan aims most of his attention at JB Hi-Fi. He claims the public company with ‘a lot of mum and dad investors’ was being dishonest by not disclosing the upcoming potential hit to the bottom line. Kogan claimed that around 30% of their revenue is derived from Apple products and a further 20% from goods like music and dvd sales that are rapidly decreasing in favour of online solutions like iTunes.

So passionate and confident about this claim, Kogan has placed a $1Million bet that by March 14th, 2014 Apple will no longer sell any hardware product in JB Hi-Fi retail stores.


I challenge the current CEO of JB Hi-Fi, Terry Smart, to a $1,000,000 bet that on March 14th 2014 there will not be any Apple hardware products for sale at JB Hi-Fi stores.

While the 2014 deadline is years away, Kogan’s reputation is on the line with this one, wether the bet is accepted by JB Hi-Fi CEO, Terry Smart or not. Some claim the bet is simply an attempt at publicity, but while traffic will certainly flow around this bet, I doubt it could amount to $1M.

Whatever the case, however this plays out, you’ve got to love having Ruslan Kogan in our industry, he’s an incredibly balls-out, confrontational CEO’s we’ve seen in Australia’s history.

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