Australia getting a new PM and Twitter is exploding


Twitter Australia has announced Twitter is going nuts since Malcolm Turnbull officially challenged for the Prime Minister’s position. This afternoon at 4:08PM during Turnbull’s announcement speech, there was a staggering 1,200 Tweets per minute, totalling more than 56,000 Tweets in just 3hrs.

On a side note, there’s a smart guy by the name of Harry Holbrook who registered back on 05/06/15 and pointed it at Malcolm Turnbull’s website.

With Turnbull announcing he has resigned from his position of Communication Minister, our country currently doesn’t have a politician in charge of the largest infrastructure project, the NBN. Bids are in for who will take this position when Turnbull gets the top job tomorrow.

Australia does have a new Prime Minister and it all happened a lot faster than first expected. Malcolm Turnbull is now the Prime Minister of Australia after a Liberal Party room vote where he won 54-44 late last night. This means Australia now has it’s 5th PM in as many years.




You can watch the Twitter storm about #Libspill at Reverb.

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