Cat11 LTE devices are coming to Telstra, with up to 600Mbps


It’s not everyday we get world firsts in Australia, but today we did. Telstra has shown off new wireless device, the first category 11 device that comes with a seriously increased data speed. This is capable of a stunning, theoretical speed of 600Mpbs.

Telstra, in collaboration with NETGEAR, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies today announced that it is bringing the world’s first 4G LTE Advanced Category 11 600Mbps capable device to its customers in Australia on the Telstra Mobile Network.

This announcement comes only one month after the launch of the first Cat 9 devices arrived, capable of 450Mbps. Indoor tests at their Customer Insight Centre in Sydney, run at shows a real world speed of 524.24Mbps down. An outdoor test at Harris Park in Sydney showed a still impressive 446.08Mbps in real world testing.


While the Cat11 devices aren’t yet available on the market, the increased speed that they will afford will allow you to burn through your cap in minutes, instead of hours of days. It is worth explaining this is without standard network congestion, so unless you’re standing under the tower at 3am, you’re unlikely to match these speeds, but at 500Mpbs+ other network providers will have a challenge getting anywhere close to that.

Individual users may struggle to capitalise on that extra speed, but imagine being able to have one device that powers an entire mobile team, regardless of the size of data they’re transferring to and from cloud providers.

The Telstra WiFi 4GX Advanced III Mobile Broadband Hotspot is the latest ultra-fast mobile broadband device to join Telstra’s product range and uses 3 band Carrier Aggregation technology. This technology means customers will have access to significantly faster peak download speeds and added capacity in the network.

The early Cat 11 enabled footprint is concentrated on the CBD’s of Eastern Seaboard capital cities; initially Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, and in selected popular holiday locations. The network reach supporting these Cat 11 speeds will also continue to expand in line with growing mobile data demand.

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