Cortana on Windows 10 spotted in action.

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While Windows 10 is not expected to be available to the public until well into 2015, glimpses of what users can expect have been slowly making their way onto the Internet recently.
The below video, provided by WinBeta, grants us a peek at Cortana’s introduction to the Windows desktop operating system.

Granted, she is not “designed for consumers” in her current state, but what we see is promising.
As noted in the video, Cortana for Windows can “do pretty much anything the Windows Phone version can” at this stage, with the exclusion of generic banter.
Noteworthy is the fact that there are many people who will likely interact with Cortana for the first time after using Windows 10 next year, so we’re nothing short of curious to find out how her addition to Windows will change the size of the audience attracted to the Windows Phone platform.



It seems that Microsoft will pip Apple and Google at the post (and then some?) in the race to bring a deeply functional virtual assistant to the desktop, and I am certain that we can expect to see even more of her feature set being shown off in the coming months as we draw closer to next year’s BUILD Conference in late April.

How do you envision using Cortana on your Windows PC? Sound off in the comments!

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