Clarkson fangs it around a farm in a Subaru WRX in Farmkhana

We all know Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana videos that have millions of views on YouTube, well Amazon’s The Grand Tour have decided to that’s all a bit fancy and Jeremy Clarkson fanging it around a farm in a subie would be one epic drive.

In the 3:30 clip, we get to see Clarkson slide it sideways in front of a tractor, pull donuts in a shed and while the whole thing is a bit of fun, its actually shot, incredibly well. There’s a number of multicamera pans that pause the action and rotate the camera, a very neat effect and particularly works well as he smashes through water, capturing the liquid eruption beautifully. There’s close ups of the wheels to show the car sliding sideways and probably the best bit, Clarkson’s smooshed beetroot face as he hangs on for life. There’s also drone shots from above as he crashes out of the barn and sets off into the field for some more drifting action.

You might ask, what’s the point of this? The answer, pure unadulterated marketing for The Grand Tour, now in its second season and available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. As you watch the clip below, make sure you take a second to enjoy the fancy footwork, its a technique we’ve never seen before, more like playing the keys of a piano with your feet, rather than the standard heel-toe driving.

Here it, enjoy Farmkhana.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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