First 8 inch Windows 8 tablet is DOA


We’ve all seen the trend in the tablet space to the 7-8” size, moving down from the initial 10”. First Google with the Nexus 7, then Apple with the iPad mini and now comes the 8” Acer Iconia W3 shown off at Computex. While the metro UI works well for the size, the device is flawed.

Acer decided to use a 1280×800 resolution which is lower than the required 1366 pixels required for snap view. Whatever you think of Windows 8, this is one of their biggest features. As a developer your app has to support that mode. If the W3 can’t snap an app, it just got into a fight with one arm tied behinds it’s back.

For my money, it’s hard to recommend a Windows 8 machine that doesn’t support snapped view as that really does limit you to a single app at a time. If that’s what you’re after, go buy an iPad. The other issue is the touch point sizes on the desktop, they’re not great. The size of the display means you have to hit a much smaller target and it’s not easy.

What do you think? Should other manufacturers try the 8” form factor?

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