Gillette’s innovating with a $300 heated razor

Shaving rates are likely dropping dramatically thanks to all this working from home lately, but that hasn’t stopped GilletteLabs from creating a new heated razor.

Gillette says the Heated Razor delivers the comfort of a hot towel with every stroke. Featuring a stainless-steel warming bar that distributes heat quickly and evenly maintains soothing warmth throughout the shave. Turn your shave into an experience for your senses.

The new device incorporates the highest technology to deliver a sustained heat sensation through a warming bar across the razor. The Heated Razor mimics the sensations and pleasure of a hot towel shave with every stroke – working the barber experience into the everyday self-care grooming routine.

“By fusing beautiful form with reimagined function, the Heated Razor truly elevates the at-home shaving experience.

We know men love the sensation of a hot towel shave and now they can enjoy that same luxurious experience each time they shave, from their own bathroom.”

Gary Coombe, CEO – P&G Global Grooming.

GilletteLabs Heated Razor’s features include:

Intelligently built in heat sensors:

The new Heated Razor by Gillette activates and delivers instant and even heat through its stainless steel warming bar at the push of a button, providing a noticeably more comfortable and satisfying shave, with every stroke. Four intelligently built-in heat sensors consistently maintain the level of warmth, as users choose their desired heat preference out of two temperature levels (43°c and 50°c) for optimal comfort as they shave.

Five-blade Flexdisc technology:

With its advanced five-blade technology, the new Heated Razor boasts Gillette’s most advanced thinnest and finest blades to provide incredible comfort. Utilising unique Flexdisc technology, the first of its kind razor contours to your facial features and curves to ensure contact with the warming bar on every stroke.  

Aesthetically designed:

The premium-grade aluminum zinc handle adds an air of sophistication to the razor’s overall sleek look and feel.

Effortless charging:

Ensuring you can get the barbershop experience easily, anywhere you are, the Heated Razor features a compact and elegant wireless magnetic charging dock, to make charging the razor as effortless as putting it down. Making the at-home experience even easier, the rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to six shaves, and the razor is 100% waterproof allowing users to use it as they wish, in the shower or at the sink. 

The Heated Razor is now available online at Gillette Direct on, and in your local Shaver Shop store.

It seems the traditional razor pricing model is being thrown out, with the purchase price of the razor itself, a pretty steep $299.00.

  • GilletteLabs Heated Razor – $299.00
  • GilletteLabs 8 Cartridges – $69.00
  • GilletteLabs 4 Cartridges – $39.00

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