GlassKap is a lens cap for Google Glass, ridiculous and about to be funded on Kickstarter


Google Glass is potentially scary piece of technology for some, usually not the person wearing it, but the general public that encounters Glass wearers. The fear of being recorded is such a problem that Todd Blatt has created a KickStarter for a Google Glass lens cap. Yep, a lens cap.

Blatt was part of the Explorer program, so you’d think he’d be keen to promote the benefits of glass, instead he’s decided to use his 3D printer to knock out a lens cap to apparently let people know you’re not recording them.. you know what else does that.. TAKING OFF THE GLASSES.

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous, Kickstarter I’ve seen to date and it’s about to be funded, with the current total sitting at $1,094 out of the $1,500 goal with 21 days to go. The reason this Kickstarter is so cheap is that he plans on shipping the designs to Shapeways and have them fulfill the order.

Things get really crazy when Blatt shows off some other designs like the ‘on air’ attachment to let people know you are recording. Seriously, just say no people. If I see someone walking around with this on their face, I will punch them in the face, then take their Google Glass.


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