iOS 4.2 beta for iPad released to developers, what’s new ?


When Steve Jobs announced that iOS 4.2 was coming to the iPad later this year we weren’t sure just how much later that would be. This morning iOS developers got access to iOS 4.2 beta, this was followed shortly after by an email notifying devs to update their apps to be 4.2 compliant. So while consumers are still having to wait till November for 4.2, developers can ensure their iPad apps support new functions like Fast App switching.

So what’s new in this update ?

As shown in the gallery below, this update basically brings the iPad into parity with the iPhone. Something badly needed as the iPad was starting to feel like yesterday’s technology, a strange thing to say about a relatively new gadget. Included is support for folders, Fast App switching / Multitasking, multiple exchange account support, and higher quality YouTube videos. There are a couple of unique changes, the iPad’s hardware screen rotation lock now becomes a mute switch to match the iPhone, which the screen rotation can be locked via the software. To do this double-click the Home button and swipe to the left. Also added is the addition of multiple fonts for the Notes application.

iOS 4.2 for iPad 005iOS 4.2 for iPad 006iOS 4.2 for iPad 007iOS 4.2 for iPad 008iOS 4.2 for iPad 009iOS 4.2 for iPad 010iOS 4.2 for iPad 011

So while the changes are very welcome, there’s nothing terribly unexpected.

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