Klout release iPhone app

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    Social ranking and perks service Klout has today released their iPhone app. While 3rd parties had provided basic Klout data, its now the official app that can give Klout fans exactly what they need. As you’d expect, the Klout iPhone app gives you access to your current Klout score, but also includes an activity feed containing movements (up or down) in your score. Also included are dated events when other users have given you +Klout in categories, which helps your overall score.

    The process of giving +K to your influencers is actually a lot easier using the app, just swipe your finger left to right on each category under a contacts profile. You can configure the Klout app to send a push notification when your score changes or your receive +K.

    It would be great to see more apps add filters for Klout scores, not by default, but as an option. There’s a very popular Chrome plugin that filters tweets based on Klout as well as a gmail plugin to know how much weight your should attribute to information. Klout certainly has its critics, but if you like Klout, there’s now an iPhone app to get that ego hit while out on the go.

    I fall in the camp of admiring the services goal of numerically ranking users social influence, but struggle at times with it. Some weeks, I post heavily on a variety of networks and see the score drop, then feel like I don’t post much and it goes up. If users felt like they had more ability to affect the score, then I think more would place value on the service. With Klout perks and social opportunities at stake, Klout constantly has to adjust the algorithm to avoid gaming. Basically it boils down to this, social ranking isn’t an exact science and while it may not be perfect, but its better than nothing. 

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    Give it a go and let us know what you think.

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