Log into Windows 8 with your LiveID

Microsoft have just released a teaser site for the new functionality – http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowslive/skydrive/

It may not be Bingo, but one of my predictions from last night just became a reality. Windows 8 supports LiveID login ! Once your logged in, your settings from other machines come with you. Because the user profiles are now based on your LiveID, 542 Million people already use it, this means your account storage sits on SkyDrive.

You will also be able to manage and access content on other computers you own. Seen in the screen shots below, you can see the system and dvd drive of a work machine via the web interface. Better yet, application developers can take advantage of this storage via the Live API’s. As an example, applications can expose photos from your online services like SkyDrive, but also any Live connected services like Facebook, Flickr etc.

There was no mention of the changes to storage amounts, but its clear to handle these kind of data, unlimited would make a whole lot of sense. As for Windows Live Mesh being a strange separate product and storage bucket, that just got resolved, the end result is a much better experience for end users, one that will gain instant adoption by virtue of being included in Windows.

Windos 8 Live ID Support

Windos 8 Live ID Support

That’s it for the Build coverage for now. There’s sure to be more over the coming days, particularly after we get the Windows 8 bits later today.

Download the developer preview of Windows 8 in a few hours from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/home/

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