Move over Friendly, Facepad has arrived!


For the longest time, the go to app for Facebook on iPad was Friendly. Now along comes a competitor, win consumer. Facepad was released a couple days before the end of the year and is well worth a look if you haven’t seen it. Available for free from the App Store, Facepad does away with lengthy load times, supporting Apple’s fast app switching. This makes a massive difference in the experience when using the app, I’m constantly switching back and forward between twitter and facebook.

The user interface uses the very familiar landscape layout of navigation on the left, content on the right, seen in many other iPad apps. This is used very well for displaying in-place photos, browser, videos and more. The app uses a swipe-based navigation which will be very familiar to twitter iPad users.

One downside is that right now Facepad doesn’t support multiple accounts, but they say there’s already an update in the pipe to remedy that. Another complaint about pretty much all 3rd party clients for Facebook is that there’s no support for administering pages. I’m guessing this could a be a limitation for Facebook’s API, as a multiple Page admin, this is functionality I really want. The workaround is to visit Facebook in Safari, but then why have an app at all ?

Overall its a great looking app, really functional and fast. Definitely one worth checking out.

Get it @ iTunes

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