New Builds of Windows 10 next week, phone in February


    We’ve seen a lot about the changes to Windows 10 this morning, many that people want today. So the immediate question of how soon you can get the new releases is an important one. We now know the answer.

    The next build of Windows 10 will roll out to insiders next week. There was little detail on this, so it’s still unclear if those running Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9901 will receive the update. Expect only those in the fast ring of updates to get it next week, the slower ring will get it at a later date.

    There’s also no confirmation of the next release build number although the best indication it could be 9910.

    In terms of the first Windows 10 build for phones, this will arrive in February. If you’re not already an Windows Phone Insider, it’d be a great idea to go sign up and install the app to get ready.

    This will be user’s first opportunity to experience Windows 10 on the phone, something we seen for the first time this morning at the Windows 10 event.

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