New MacBook Air has higher res than MacBook Pro

New MacBook Air

Overnight Apple made a number of new releases, one of the more interesting is the release of a new MacBook Air. The new faster MacBook Air now features Core i5 processors, solid state drives and Thunderbolt connectors. The 11-inch model starts at a new low price of A$1,099 with a 64GB drive. This now replaces the entry-level white MacBook.

If your after absolutely small and portable (something the Air is designed for) then 11-inch is great, but if you want screen resolution, then 13-inch is likely your real option. One massive draw card for the new 13-inch has 1440×900 resolution, higher than the 13-inch Macbook Pro with 1280×800. Sure, there’s a price premium for the thin and light form factor of the Air, but the higher res probably justifies the extra $100. The new 13-inch Macbook Air starts at A$1,449.

The new MacBook Air ships with OSX Lion.

New MacBook Air

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