New Series 9 Ivy Bridge at a more reasonable $1,599 RRP

Samsung Series 9

While Intel has been busy announcing new ultrabooks at Computex, Samsung has a new model of their sexy slim Series 9. Previous models of the Series 9 ultrabooks have been heavily criticised for an exorbitant price ($2,498), out of the reach of most consumers. The latest Ivy bridge based models include your choice of a 3rd generation Core i5 or i7 processor and 13.3 and 15” models.

The 13” model is just 1.16kg and has an RRP of A$1,599, while the 15” model that weighs 1.59kg and has an RRP of A$1,899.

These revised prices more accurately reflect the current market conditions and positions it amongst some premium competition. One knock against the new Series 9 is the lack of a touch-screen which is almost standard issue in the newly announced laptops from Computex. The other elephant in the room is Apple’s WWDC conference next week where its expected that new Macbooks and like Macbook Air revisions will be announced. Given that none of these are likely to ship for some months, this mineral ash coloured ultrabook is available now.

It’s great to see Samsung respond to consumer feedback and adjust the price to make it more approachable for a wider range of consumers.

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