NSW Government trying ‘continuous flow intersections’ to solve Sydney congestion

    The NSW Government is investigating road improvements to improve travel time, improve connectivity and support urban renewal in South Sydney. The Alexandria to Moore Park corridoor is currently a CBD bypass route, but a new plan will see that transformed into a series of new intersections.

    Part of the redevelopment will involve a new kind of intersection known as a continuous flow intersection. These CFIs, are designed to allow right turns in advance of the main intersection. What in theory sounds like it should simplify things, ends up looking pretty confusing, as least conceptually in the videos released by NSW Roads.

    At first you take the right lane, which then splits into 2 right lanes, cross over traffic stopped from the other direct, then take a second right (again double turning lane) to get to the road you intended. I’m going to ahead and assume they’ve seen this work successfully elsewhere and based on traffic flow data have decided to use it in Sydney. With this traffic problems in Australia’s largest city, its certainly not the place for experiments.

    This is the first time NSW has engineered this type of intersection and if successful, you can expect more of them to aid with Sydney’s traffic congestion issues.

    If you’re familiar with Sydney, you’ll recognise the following location as the concept animation takes you through a simulation of how Anzac Parade, turning right into Dacey Avenue would work.

    There’s more information at

    Thanks to John Liu on Twitter, who pointed me to an article that shows Victoria are also looking at implementing these new Continuous flow intersections.


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