OINK is out to rate the world, but will it have a long curly tail?

OINK app

Today the newest creation from internet celebrity Kevin Rose hit the App Store. OINK is an application designed to rate the world and everything thing in it. Avoiding comparisons to check-in services like Facebook and Foursquare, OINK specifically asks you not to rate places, but rather the things inside those places.

Right now it’s fun and very new and exciting, but that hype will wear off, so the question remains.. why would someone go to the trouble of rating everything?

The app features all the standard things you’d expect, a slick UI, ability to take photos or upload from your camera roll and even basic filters to apply before uploading. Judging from the photos that have gone up so far, OINK looks fantastic. People are tending to select high quality, interesting photos to attach with their ratings. Naturally you can share out to existing social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare as well as build your friend list on OINK. This provides a personalised stream of ratings from your friends, but the public one tends to be much more interesting. 

Watching this public Live Stream of ratings flow by is particularly mesmerising, something I wish I could leave running on the big screen.. Air share maybe? So it’s a visual treat.. but why are we doing this again?

My personal favourite so far is ‘Darya loves the Ceiling’… A-ma-zing.

OINK App screen shotOINK App screen shotOINK App screen shot

You can check out OINK for yourself at http://oink.com or download the iPhone app now, it’s free.

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