Google Now available for iOS


After being one of Android Jelly Bean’s stand out features, Google has finally made Google Now available from the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Google Now is Google’s predictive search service that uses the data it gets from your Google searches, apps, location and any other info it can get its hand on to display in the form of cards, a whole heap of things you might be interested in. Now can show multiple things – with my most common ones being the weather, latest NBA scores, tech headlines and movie times. It’s a useful service and only gets better the more that you use it.

To get the app for iOS, simple update your Google Search app and it is integrated into it. You then have to sign in with your Google account for the service to work, though.

There are a few differences between the iOS and Android versions, mainly due to the iOS’ closed nature which means there are a few things that the it is missing compared to the Android version , like cards for boarding passes, nearby events and push notifications.

So if you’re interested, head to the App Store and download Google Search or update your existing app.

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