QLD Police are buying drone defense guns to secure the Commonwealth Games

DroneShield, the company than make guns that’ll shot drones out of the sky, have announced that Queensland Police are buying multiple Droneguns for use during the XXI Commonwealth Games in Queensland in April 2018.

Given the developments in unmanned technologies (read drone adoption and AI smarts), and the potential for nefarious uses this is apparently what’s needed. Securing high-profile events can’t be easy and while the chance of someone using a drone to make an attack is relatively low, its an insurance policy the Queensland Police Service want. The Commonwealth Games event is a pre-eminent gathering of approximately 6,600 athletes from approximately 70 countries. Consequently, security agencies are providing the highest level of security at the event.

The use of this equipment by the QPS follows a successful use of the technology at the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship and the Boston Marathon for three years running.

Importantly, the deployment of DroneGuns showcases the capability of the domestic Australian defence industry. In protecting the community at the April event, the QPS is able to rely on a product developed by an Australian company, that is dedicated to developing a more substantial relationship with a range of Australian federal and state police and security agencies.

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