‘Read a book’, ‘Watch a movie’, Facebook Open Graph evolves

Facebook Open Graph F8

Application developers can now use verbs in their applications. Previously the Facebook Open Graph only allowed for a limited set of ‘Likes’, but now you can ‘do’ something with ‘something’. Facebook believe this change will lead to a completely new class of social apps that weren’t possible before.

Clicking ‘Like’ on a Book or Movie will become ‘Jason watched Transformers 3: Darkside of the Moon’ for example. This makes a lot of sense, but don’t expect this immediately, developers will need some time to update their apps.

Another important change in the Open Graph, is that applications won’t interrupt your use of an application with an annoying permission request. Zuckerberg says we should think about adding an application as joining an application and your Timeline. The initial permission request will essentially grant access to an application to publish updates to your wall. A lot of applications already require this to use the app, but require multiple requests. 

Facebook Open Graph F8

Having application permissions dealt with in a single dialog does simplify things, it does set alarm bells about just how much it will post. Of course if an app is posting content you don’t want, you can revoke permissions in your settings.

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