RIP MSN Messenger: 1999 – 2013


    Today is the day Microsoft officially shuts down its MSN Messenger (Also known as “Windows Live Messenger” or simply “Windows Messenger”). Announced in November last year, Microsoft is moving all its instant messaging to its Skype platform and it has urged all MSN users to move to Skype by today. Skype is available on all major mobile and desktop platforms, so there’s no need to worry, you will be covered everywhere with a much more powerful and modern way to communicate.

    Nevertheless, it’s a sad day.

    Remember the days of having what you thought was awesome email address’ for MSN? Trading emoticons with your friends? Or even ωяιтιηg уσυя мѕη ѕ¢яєєη ηαмє ℓιкє тнιѕ? Those days are sadly over. So lets all shed a tear for MSN Messenger: 1999 – 2013.


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