Samsung POWERstick Jet200 offers 200w power, up to 1hr battery life

Samsung’s latest handstick vacuum cleaner is the POWERstick Jet200. The name stems from the devices 200W digital inverter motor that creates a class-leading 20W of suction power.

The cordless vacuum features up to 60 mins battery life (less when on max power mode). That’s around a 50% improvement on previous models and it’ll take around 3.5hrs to charge from empty. If your house is particularly dirty and you need longer than the hour of battery life, the freestanding dock also houses a secondary battery charger which is actually a nice idea.

In terms of design the Jet200 looks professional and serious with a grey and silver finish with a black panel for selecting power modes. This means if you’re turned off by the crazy colours of the competition, you may be right at home with a Samsung.

If you’re a clean freak, then you’ll be impressed by the 5-layer HEPA filter that ensures a stunning 99.999% of dust and allergens are removed.

The POWERstick Jet200 has a couple of different heads to choose from. The turbo action brush picks up fine direct particles, while the alternate head features a dual-design of soft pads that is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like tiles or floorboards.

The Samsung POWERstick Jet200 will be available around the middle of this year.

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