Samsung Wallet: Like passbook for Android


    Samsung’s new Wallet app was announced at MWC, and guess what; it looks like and acts just like Apple’s Passbook, adding more fuel to the fire that the Korean giant enjoys copying Apple’s ideas.

    Wallet, just like Passbook is an app that is a central storage location for your digital gift certificates, coupons, tickets, travel details and boarding passes. There are also time and location-based push notifications that let users know about updates and offers, and it allows users to display barcodes to scan at payment desks.

    Samsung will release an open API on March 7 in the hope that other Android apps will play nicely with wallet. Interestingly though, the application won’t work with NFC chips in Sammy’s big guns or other high-end Android devices. Samsung has told The Verge though that this may change in the future.

    At this stage it is only a developers preview, but will be available to the public in the ‘near future’. Hopefully we will see more of Passbook Wallet on March 14 when Samsung launches its Galaxy S IV. Let’s hope it gets more app support than the Wallet on WP8 which while promising, is currently useless.

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