This is what a $9,000 projector looks like

BenQ were nice enough to send me one of their very best projectors, the new W11000H for review. This true 4K HDR10 DLP projector can be yours for the very affordable, A$8,999.00. The scale of this projector is kind of hard to get your head around. It’s simply massive, and that scale is all about having the best optics, the best cooling and delivering the very best picture quality.

Believe it or not, this is not a business projector, this is not designed for auditoriums or school halls, it’s designed for home theatre enthusiasts (with a lot of space on their roof). If you’re looking at this and thinking your current home theatre roof mount won’t take it, you’d be right, this tips the scales at a healthy 14.8kg, so you’ll probably need some reinforcement. Lacking the structural support in my rumpus, I went for the more temporary solution of a table that works well.

Adjusting the image is a breeze with a large zoom slider (1.5x) that runs around the front lens, along with a focus wheel, like the largest DSLR you’ve ever handled. There’s also very convenient knobs on top for vertical and horizontal lens shifting. This made it particularly easy to shift the image above the low-line cabinet, without even dealing with the feet extensions.

Expect a full review of the projector soon, but for now, here’s a gallery of some photos of the monster. Thankfully it looks like they’ve taken previous feedback well and improved the design of the remote control, a much more professional, high-end feel, compared to their entry level consumer range.

You’ll forgive me if the posts slow down a little, I’ll be 95″ – 180″ experience, powered by the 4K video and games from the Xbox One X. Much, much more to come on the W11000H soon, if you have questions, leave them in the comments.

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