Twitter follows Facebook, going public


It’s official, Twitter has filed an S-1, the required paperwork required by Wall Street to go public. The filing for IPO does not make the company public, but indicates their intention to. Following in the footsteps of Facebook’s IPO, tech companies are clearly gaining confidence again in going public. Obviously this was in the works for quite some time, but yesterday at TCDisrupt, Mark Zuckerberg told companies they shouldn’t be afraid of going public.

It is expected that Twitter’s valuation is between 15-20 Billion dollars. To a large degree twitter is still yet to turn on the revenue model, instead being much more focused on growing the user base. So far there are sponsored posts which are doing well for them and have had little impact on users. Let’s hope under the pressure of making shareholder returns this doesn’t change.

This demonstrates the maturation of Twitter Inc as a company and is certainly one to watch. Naturally Twitter announced the S-1 filing on their twitter account.


More information @ TechCrunch

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