What does a Google Adsense cheque look like ?

Google Adsense Cheque

There’s millions of blogs on the website and most of them use Google Adsense. As number of impressions and click-throughs grow, so does your Adsense income. It’s a long hard road to actually make money from Google Ads, but after your site reaches a certain scale, the amount can add up. Many blogs strive for years to reach the minimum amount required but fall short, therefore will never see a cheque from Google.

It’ll need to add up to $150 before Google will send you a cheque. Once they do you’ll find a couple of strange things. First of all there’s no multi-coloured Google logo as you might expect, instead there’s a plain typed GOOGLE ADSENSE in the top-left. The other strange thing is that its actually issued from Google Ireland.

Strange as it may be, Google aren’t stupid and clearly use Ireland for a very important reason. Fees and charges for distributing the cheques could potentially be very, very expensive for Google considering they’d be sending many thousands per month, so makes sense they’d find the cheapest place. Minimising costs of the actual cheques is clearly important to the economics of the entire Google Adsense network.

For more information, check out Google Adsense.

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