Windows 10 build 10122 moves us closer to release

Windows10 10122

Windows 10 Insiders have been enjoying Tech Previews for months now. The latest build to arrive is Build 10122. In this build comes plenty of tweaks, refinements and improvements. While there’s still no firm date for the launch of Windows 10, it’s progress like this that shows the end is in sight.

The last build of Windows 10, released to the fast ring, was horrendous. While many users had different issues, my main one was the start menu and search, simply stopped working. So bad was the problem that I actually went back to Windows 8.1, something I never thought I’d have to do. Generally development builds have issues and bugs as expected, but to be completely unusable was something new.

Thankfully after updating to Windows 10 Build 10122 this morning, the start menu and search are back working again. New in this build are updates to the Settings app, comprehensive updates, giving you what is essentially now a full replacement for the Control Panel.

There’s also the reintroduction of the Admin Tools in the start menu, as well as some very welcome updates to Project Spartan. Yep, despite the name change to Edge, the new browser in Windows 10 still has the title Project Spartan. Edge now contains a brand new, new Tab page. This now offers quick access to your top visited sites. Before you ask, no you can’t set them, but you can remove any you don’t want or need.

You can now drag tabs between windows of Edge, but you still can’t snap a tab out to a new window of it’s own. You also can’t Ctrl+click the app to launch multiple Windows, this needs to be fixed. If you dive into the settings for the app, there’s now the ability to turn off Flash, by the final build, this may be off by default.

Those users coming from Windows 8 may get a shock when WinKey+C now launches Cortana, instead of Charms. There’s plenty more in this build for PCs and the next phone release of Windows 10 shouldn’t be far away either. While the desktop is clearly getting closer to a beta quality, the phone is pre-alpha quality and is many, many months away from launch.

More information at the Blogging Windows.

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