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    After you get married you want to head off on your honeymoon and celebrate. Unfortunately you’ve got work to do, you need to say thankyou to the dozens of people who helped put together your perfect day and for the gifts you received. Melbourne based startup wedding registry startup Envelope has collaborated with New York handwriting and robotics startup Bond to solve this problem.

    The cards themselves have been designed by illustrators from across the globe, and are crafted from premium quality 300 gsm paper. Within 24 hours, Envelope can have each thank-you card written, put in an envelope and posted to any where in the world.

    “The service lets couples focus on writing a meaningful message to those who have contributed to their gift registry rather than waste energy on logistics,” says Simon.



    The thank you cards cost ($4.95 in Australia, $3.50 in the USA and £2.50 in the UK) a card, all­ inclusive.

    To celebrate the launch of their thank-you card service, Envelope is offering ($25 AUS, $20US and £10 UK) worth of free cards for anyone who creates a registry in 2015. Obviously 2015 is almost over, so we’re hoping they extend this into 2016.

    “We have totally simplified saying thanks,” says co-founder Tom Holt.  “When a couple wants to write their thank-you cards, they simply log into their registry, choose one of Envelope’s beautifully designed cards or upload their own design, then type in their personal message. Then Bond’s robots go to work hand-writing the cards.”



    Envelope was created by Simon Baldwin and Tom Holt for Simon’s own wedding in 2014. As with many startups, they often start by solving a problem experienced by the founder and carve out a market of people trying to solve the same problem.

    Designed to take the hassle out of gifting, a registry is becoming an increasingly popular way of dealing with wedding presents and avoids duplication, as ensures you only receive gifts you want.

    Envelope keeps a record of every gift that was given, who it was given by, and the givers postal address.  When it comes time to saying thanks, couples simply log onto their registry, choose a card, or create their own from a photo and compose their message.  Then it’s just a matter of telling the robot which hand writing style to use, there is a choice of 18, Envelope even gives you’re a preview of how the card will look.

    Envelope is free to use for the wedding couples to use, but makes 6% processing fee on the guests’ contribution. If you’ve somehow managed to keep the costs of your wedding to a minimum, there is an option to for couples to cover the fees themselves. Envelope says half of this fee goes back to the credit card company.

    So my question is, how would you feel about getting a thank you card written by a robot? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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