You can now control your LIFX lights through your Harmony remote


Smart bulbs, LIFX is not only working on new models of lights, but also working on the integration pieces. For those people who have already joined Logitech’s Harmony multi-device controls, they can now add LIFX bulbs to the list of things they can control.

With a Harmony hub based remote, you can lock the door, close the blinds, adjust the thermostat, turn up the music and now control your LIFX lights. As you’d expect, you can control you lights individually or in groups, directly or on programmed schedules. You can even create customised activities like “Movie Night” to dim your lights and turn on your favourite movie channel.


You can create personal, customized Activities like “Good Morning”, “Date Night”, or “Good Night” and transform your connected home. When people think of home automation and ‘smart homes’ this is the kind of simple integration that helps get us a little closer.

LIFX owners can already use their smart phones to control their bulbs, but the integration with other systems like your TV, consoles, Blu-ray players is a big win. Additionally the inclusion of a physical remote can benefit shared households and even speed to action, with no home screen unlock and app launch getting in between you and the feeling of being in total control of your connected devices.

Check out the Harmony Living Home video below.

For setup information, head over to Logitech’s support page.

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