Ring’s latest home security product is a drone in disguise

    If you’re a criminal, the list of things you have to contend with just got longer. Amazon-owned Ring has announced the ‘Always Home Cam’.

    This seemingly harmless square (with rounded corners) sits in your house, plugged into power, until it needs to spring into action.

    If motion is detected in your house (using a Ring Alarm), this autonomous indoor security camera (aka a drone) flies off to pre-selected locations in your home, to stay out of reach of the intruder, while giving you a great perspective to see the action from.

    Like Ring’s video doorbell product, the Always Home Cam, notifies you via the mobile app and then lets you watch a live feed from the camera.

    Naturally most crooks are targeting houses that are empty. It’s a fairly safe bet that if a burglar sees something flying around inside, they’re likely to bolt and go chase an easier target.

    When the threat is gone (or the battery is running low), the drone will go and land back in the charging dock.

    For those concerned by privacy, it’s important to remember that while this is small, even Amazon can’t overcome physics, so when the Home cam is flying, you’ll know about it. Amazon describes this as being designed with privacy in mind, and the motors even hum when in flight – it’s privacy you can hear.

    Unfortunately, this product will only be available in the US initially, but we really hope it makes its way down under. There’s currently no word on pricing, but given it includes a drone with a wireless camera, battery, charging base, I think it’s safe to say this high-tech security solution won’t come cheap.

    Check out a video demonstration of the upcoming product in action. For more information and updates, head to

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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