Spotify Follow button allows your fans to listen with you


Music subscription service, Spotify are launching their very own Follow Button. The goal here is to make it easier for music fans to connect with their favourite artists, influencers, blogs, magazines and friends on Spotify – all with a simple click of a button. This works very similar to Facebook’s Like button and Twitter’s follow buttons we’re used to across the web.

Pretty soon you’ll start seeing Spotify Follow Buttons all over the web. By clicking Follow, you’ll get seamless and relevant updates within Spotify, like your favourite artist’s latest album, or the perfect pre-party playlist from your favourite magazine or blog. Follow lets you get closer to the people whose music you care about.

  • Artists can use Follow buttons to bring fans to their profiles
  • Music labels can promote their artist profiles
  • Promoters can help publicize future events
  • Fans can promote their favorite artists
  • Bloggers and publishers can grow their following on Spotify

As a blogger and music lover, we thought we’d jump on board and try it out. You’ll find our Spotify Follow Button in the right column of all pages on the site. Warning: Dubstep inside. My playlists contain the music that keeps me awake, well into the early hours as I’m developing apps.


If you want to create your own, visit our developer pages for more information about our new Follow button and how to start using it today.

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