TickrMeter is an awesome desktop Stock Ticker to monitor your stonks

    If you invest in stocks, then chances are you fire up your favourite mobile app, multiple times a day to watch your investments or *cough gambles, because YOLO. TickrMeter is the world’s first real-time desktop stock ticker for consumers.

    You can set TickrMeter on your desk, on your monitor, on your bedside table, or even mount it to the wall and watch your net worth rise and fall in real-time. The displays show your stocks, along with the latest prices and the daily change. There’s a nice red or green bar to the right to understand how your day is going with a quick glance.

    Right now, TickrMeter supports stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, TSX and more (no word on the ASX yet). TickrMeter provides best-in-class financial data from and has a latency of just 20 microseconds, faster than you can click buy or sell.

    TickrMeter utilizes an E-Paper display to showcase stocks. E-Paper emits no light, and falls naturally into the surroundings like a framed picture. E-Paper is an ambient-light-reflecting display technology. lt drives ink droplets by electricity to make natural, clear images on the screen, illuminated by lighting the environment rather than a backlight. This also means that it uses very little power.

    TickrMeter is customizable to cater to both long-term investors, day traders, and everything in between. You can even input your own cost average and have TickrMeter show your gains (or losses) on any chosen ticker.

    One of my favourite features is the ability to stack or daisy-chained TickrMeter with the power of magnets, so you can power up to eight TickrMeters with a single USB charger.

    Different modes

    • Single ticker mode
    • Cycle between tickers — Up to 10 tickers
    • Create playlists and make TickrMeter cycle between tickers — randomized, daily top performer, daily worst performer or in order
    • Set Alerts: Have TickrMeter flash, change color, or beep when triggering your set alarm

    Users can customize the timeframe to track: 1 day, 5 days, 1 month and 1 year. TickrMeter’s light bar will change colour depending on gain or loss in a chosen timeframe.

    Key Features

    • Wifi connected: Adjust ticker, update interval and more from your phone
    • E-Paper display: TickrMeter uses an E-Paper display, which emits no light and won’t disturb you
    • Customizable status light: Set the status display to show candle color, RSI, or as an alert
    • Small footprint: So you can put it wherever want

    What’s in the Box

    • 1X TickrMeter
    • 1X Power cable (2.5m)
    • 1X Daisy chain cable (to connect multiple TickrMeter devices)

    TickrMeter is taking pre-orders on crowd-funding website IndieGogo with prices starting at US$94 at

    For more info, check out

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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