Withings scales up to professional business-to-business services

    Withings are famous for their digitally connected scale. The company is now growing up with a whole business line of products. These elegantly designed, medical-grade health devices are known as Withings MED PRO. 

    Withings are starting with two products, the MED PRO DATA and Withings MED PRO CARE. These are designed to meet the needs of medical professionals, institutions, payers, disease management programs, coaching platforms and researchers, allowing Withings devices and data analytics to be brought into third-party ecosystems.  

    Withings has been at this game for 10 years now and has built one of the largest connected health ecosystems in the market. As well as the smart scales, they also offer blood pressure monitors, smartwatches, sleep monitors and thermometers.

    Devices capture up to 20 vital health parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, weight, heart rate, activity levels and sleep patterns. The new, dedicated division leverages this expertise and the proven ability to engage and retain users to offer two distinct services:

    Withings MED PRO DATA

    A customisable solution that allows third-party companies such as behaviour change programs, and researchers to use Withings products to collect, analyse and display data for their users within their own software and app environments.

    Withings MED PRO CARE

    A remote patient monitoring platform that allows health professionals, medical institutions and private organisations to easily access and manage physiological data of multiple patients.

    “Data is the key to improving nearly every aspect of our healthcare system, from better patient outcomes to improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

    With our decade of experience and work to create connected health devices that people can easily use daily to monitor and improve their health levels, we are in a unique position to be able to help the medical and health community better serve and understand their patients and customers.

    Withings MED PRO allows us to serve these individuals and organisations in a saleable, flexible way to bring the benefits of the health tech revolution to a broader spectrum of patients.”

    Eric Carreel, founder of Withings.

    Withings MED PRO DATA

    Withings MED PRO DATA is a customizable, turnkey data collection solution that allows third-parties to deploy Withings devices in a range of scenarios and collect, analyse and display the data within its own software and app environments.

    At its heart, it is a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that goes far deeper than a simple API, allowing Withings backend architecture to integrate directly into a partner’s technology infrastructure. This brings the Withings experience from device set-up and installation to ongoing data tracking, fully within the partner environment. 

    Withings MED PRO DATA is tailored to fit the needs of partners ranging from disease/wellness coaching programs, clinical and academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, corporate wellness programs and medical institutions. The team at Withings MED PRO creates individual programs for partners, which may include dedicated technical support, tailor-made materials and partner-specific logistic and sales support.

    As many partners serve audiences less able to use or confident with smart devices, Withings has created the Withings Data Hub specifically for Withings MED PRO solutions. The Data Hub is a cellular gateway that can be positioned in any location and allows for Withings devices to be used without Wi-Fi or smartphones. The plug and play solution allow devices to work without any installation and transmits data straight to Withings services via a cellular connection.

    The approach, along with the fact that Withings devices enjoy some of the highest user retention levels in business (94% of scale users remain active after two years and 93% continue to use Withings hybrid smartwatches after one year), bring many advantages for partners. These include better patient outcomes, increased program retention, higher levels of audience engagement as well as cost savings and additional revenue opportunities.

    Withings MED PRO CARE

    Designed for healthcare practitioners, hospitals, care facilities and clinical researches, Withings MED PRO CARE is a sophisticated, remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform. It facilitates the monitoring of real-time data of multiple patients and smooths the information flow between care teams and their patients.

    As well as saving time and money through reduced clinical visits, Withings MED PRO CARE improves the efficiency of care teams while also streamlining communications with participating patients. Within tailored, partner-specific interactive dashboards, physicians are able to visualize aggregated and individual patient data in real-time and in one place.

    They are able to customise the health data parameters they wish to track as well as how and when they receive information and alerts. The solutions let physicians make better use of time by setting alerts when actions are most required and allowing for efficient team collaboration with caregivers able to share notes and assign actions.

    The solutions also allow for a custom patient experience as the Withings Health Mate app can be adapted for patient-participants. Along with all the health data typically found within Health Mate, patients can receive direct messages from their caregivers, including reminders to take and share measurements, all within a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

    The effectiveness of RPM, particularly with chronic disease management, has been proven in multiple studies. Withings PRO MED CARE extends these capabilities, allowing for efficient and rapid management, improved patient outcomes, reduced demand for physician’s time and resources, and offers a scalable solution at no extra cost given RPM programs are typically reimbursable. 

    For more information about Withings MED PRO solutions, head to

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