Xbox Fitness watches your BPM to get you into shape


This week Microsoft took the wraps of a new feature of the upcoming Xbox One. It’s called Xbox Fitness and while doesn’t connect to the Health and Fitness app in Windows 8.1, clearly Microsoft want to get their customers fit.

Xbox One owner will have free access to Xbox Fitness for free for the first year, after which the app will be paid. If you’ve ever played a Kinect enabled fitness title on the Xbox, then you’d know the drill. Trainers give you exercises and routines to get you fit. The biggest difference here is that Xbox Fitness can leverage the new and improved Kinect sensor that can do some neat tricks like measure your heart rate. This means your blood isn’t pumping fast enough, the trainers are likely to push you harder.

Given the extra resolution available on the Kinect 2, more of your body is tracked more accurately. This means you can be sure you’re doing exercises correctly.

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